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Construction Heroes – Insiders monthly membership supports developing the platform, and it’s an easy way to participate to monthly changing charities. You are also automatically in montly giveaways and get access to closed Telegram group and Forum in the platform.

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Participate to a charity.
Sharing is caring! It may not feel so big of a thing, but every buck helps a lot. We are donating 50% of all membership fees and course sales to monthly changing charity projects. You can also be part of choosing where the support goes. Let us know in the Insiders-forum or via dm the charity project that means most to you and we’ll take that in consideration when choosing a new charity project every month.

Support platform development.
Another 50% goes to developing the platform to be the most useful to all members. This means that with your help we are researching new better, more productive and safe ways to work in construction, building new courses and supporting the next generation of construction workers and entrepreneurs to avoid the same problems and obstacles most of us have all faced in some point of our careers.

Monthly giveaway.
Every month we are giving away a tool to one lucky Insider. Atm giveaway is valid only in the areas where Ebay, Amazon or other online store can deliver the prize.

Access to exclusive content in closed Telegram group and Forum in the platform.
CH Telegram group is the fastest way to communicate with other Insiders. For example if you have a problem you need an answer asap, or you just want to share some insights of something fast or just chat what’s going on. In the Insiders Forum we’ll inform about the monthly charities and giveaways and you’ll also find other exlusive material about self-development, health, workout and productivity.

CH Insiders -membership is monthly occurring payment. As long as you are member, you are eligible to all previously listed stuff.

Thank you for your time, be a construction hero and see you in the Forums!


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